Programs, Therapy Packages and Fees

  Regular Fee for individuals, Couples, or Family: $85 - $115 plus GST for 55 minute individual sessions (Session Fee pro-rated for longer sessions - i.e. 1.5 hours = $127.50 plus GST)      Solution Focused Therapy  

What is the value of more intensive programs and packages?

Many who anticipate a longer process than just a few sessions prefer to pre-purchase a Therapy  Program and Package.

This is not for everyone but for those recovering from an addiction and/or trauma, or experiencing a    family crisis, more than a few sessions are often required. These require a more intense and thorough   process. This also gives opportunity for a specific Personal Action Plan to be designed, implemented, and followed up on.

One immediate benefit of a pre-purchased package is a reduction of session fees by 10 - 15%, or more depending on the amount of sessions pre-purchased. The benefit for everyone, from a healing perspective,  is a more intentional and thorough process that is outcome and results focused. The benefit for us, quite frankly, is that when individuals develop a Personal Action Plan and follow through on a program they are three to four times more likely to be successful in their change process! Also, from a practical administrative perspective it provides a more stream lined path as one transaction is made rather than ten or more.

Here are some of the Programs and Packages Available

  •  10 Session Therapy Program for Addiction Recovery or Family Crisis ($765.00 plus GST)
  •  12 Session Therapy Program for Trauma Recovery ($918.00 plus GST)
  •  30 Session Intensive Therapy Program for Addictions Recovery ($2,167.50 plus GST)

These Program Packages can be used for daily sessions, or two or three sessions a week initially. They can also be spread out to individual family members if you chose.

To inquire about program details please call 204-956-5502. Thank you!

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